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Above: A Photographic Testimonial - untwisting of the spine, length through the lower back, legs giving better support, shoulders more relaxed, neck and head better balanced. Much less tension, more ease, improved balance and integration resulting in lift and a sense of lightness throughout the bodymind.

David Jack, Melbourne.


Hello, my name is Byron Smith. I am a 23 year old living and working in Melbourne, Vic. All of my life I have been in pain as I was born with severe flat feet or collapsed arches. I have been okay with it until I had to enter the workplace as young adult making coffee and being on my feet for 8 hours a day. At this time I was in horrible agony everyday from the moment I woke in the morning. It was starting to have a very negative effect on my mental and social health; I had tried every insert, arch support, and shoe known to man, nothing worked. I heard about the Rolfing method of Structural Integration and had nothing to lose because at this stage I was seeking surgical advice. I was referred to Aruna Giri by a friend and haven’t looked back, I haven’t been happier or this comfortable for a long time. I’m on my way to completely transform the way I stand, walk, think and feel as a human. I feel I was destined to meet Aruna, he and his life's work are rare and very special. 

Byron Smith, Brunswick.


Aruna has the best hands I have ever felt. After 20 years as a specialist sports physiotherapist, having worked at two Olympic Games with the Australian Olympic triathlon team, Aruna hands down is the best hands-on soft tissue therapist I have ever had a treatment from. His assessment and palpation skills were spot on, narrowing in on exactly what my issues were. His treatment techniques hit every single spot that have been a problem for over ten years where several previous treatments from massage therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors have missed the mark. With my health professional background, I can inherently feel where a lot of my issues are (which he found) but Aruna also found so many more problem areas I didn't know I had issues with. I wish I had found Aruna 15 years ago both to treat me, but also to learn from, as I would have been an even better physiotherapist, learning his assessment and palpation techniques. I would thoroughly recommend Aruna to sort out your musculoskeletal issues and will now be getting all of my family to see him to sort out their issues.

Mark Alexander, Physiotherapist, Melbourne.


When I came to see Aruna I had been on medication to relieve pain for daily tension headaches for over 10 years, after experiencing whiplash in a car accident. At 32 years old, I was often convinced I would need to rely on this medication for the rest of my life. I had tried many different types of treatment before trying Structural Integration, however I was still left with daily headaches. I found Aruna's practice of Structural Integration to be holistic and transforming. Although the treatment is focused on body work, it also deals with an awareness of the mind and emotion which I have since learnt can play a large part in holding onto tension and pain. After less than 10 sessions with Aruna I have come off my medication fully, and feel so much more at ease within my body, which I am so grateful for. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this practice, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is lacking comfort and ease within their body. Thanks Aruna.

Michelle L, Abbotsford


I came to Aruna after suffering whiplash in my neck and jaw from a car accident. I had been to see a physiotherapist who had told me that from all of his muscle tests, I was fine...yet, I still had constant headaches so bad that it felt like I had a knife running from the base of my skull through to the top of my head. Aruna's approach was a holistic one. Peeling back the layers to reveal, deal with and release the issues both on a physical as well as emotional level. I am now virtually pain-free and this has only been achieved through the work that Aruna has done through his structural integration therapy.
Thank you Aruna, for healing not only my body, but my mind and spirit.

Anne, Coburg.


I have been seeing Aruna professionally for over 15 years now, and still, after every session I have with him, I leave with a true appreciation of his Rolfing abilities. Through various work practices, I developed bad posture habits. These bad habits added to the stress and strain my body was already under from general neglect, and lack of structure. It is Aruna who gave my body back it's much needed structure. When I now stand, my feet are aligned, my legs have 'length,' my hips sit neatly on these legs, my lower back no longer ceases up, my upper back and shoulders don't lean forward, my neck isn't tight, my jaw isn't tight, the headaches are no longer a concern. When I first came to see Aruna it was because my body felt old and worn out. I see him now so he can maintain my body’s structural integrity.

Neil McGovern, Diamond Creek, Vic.


I started seeing Aruna in 2009 for some Structural Integration bodywork. 
As I am a person living with Dystonia and Leigh's syndrome, the main reason I begun the sessions were to help align and assist with the pain of my physical body, which Rolfing most definitely did. But as I continued, the treatment went beyond the physical and assisted on a much deeper level. The spiritual healing and growth I gained from the sessions I could not even begin to explain. Structural Integration is a very personal; physical, emotional and spiritual journey itself. 

Micheline - Coburg


I have chronically bad knees after an accident that resulted in a knee reconstruction – this had consequential issues with my ankles, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis and diminished self confidence too – the pain was 24/7, my immobility progressively getting worse and the future was feeling bleak at not even 50 years of age. As my condition worsened the best option it seemed was a total knee replacement, not ideal at such a young age. Then after reading an article on Structural Integration I found Aruna. At the risk of sounding beguiled, Aruna has changed my life!! I can walk with so much more ease so much so that my friends and family even comment on how evidently my mobility has improved. My self confidence is up, I’m relatively pain free and I am no longer filled with dread about performing basic tasks like grocery shopping or crossing a busy road because I can – now – finally move with ease. My time with Aruna has increased my mobility which in turn has affected my well being and overall life’s enjoyment – I look forward to further development and more joy in my life because I now feel strong, safe and energetic.

Veronika K - 46 years old – Kew 3101 VIC


I am 46 years old and have been having Rolfing sessions for the past 3 years with Aruna Giri. Aruna's meticulous sensitivity and knowledge of his work has not only given me better posture and improved movement, but also a greater sense of harmony and self awareness. I strongly recommend Rolfing sessions to anyone.

Peter R, Moonee Ponds